Growing Nations
Transformation through Sustainable Agriculture
Transformation through sustainable agriculture

Steve & Susan Kiracofe

Steve & Sue are from the USA and served with Africa Inland Mission (AIM) at Growing Nations from 2014-2019.  They continue to support the work of Growing Nations & AIM in Lesotho and continue to facilitate the running of the Annual AIM Farming Quest Workshop.

Steve is a soil scientist and is working alongside the Growing Nations Farm Manager, Rorisang Moliiko, helping to train and equip him.  He has also been responsible for overseeing elements of Growing Nations research work & teaching the students about soil health.

Sue has a background in adult education and is working alongside Joshua Ramatlali to help develop the Growing Nations Resident Student Program curriculum.

Both Steve & Sue are instrumental in the running of AIM's annual Farming Quest which is hosted by Growing Nations.  This is a 3 week course is designed for missionaries and church workers from around the world to equip them in ways of reaching unreached people groups with the Gospel through agriculture.  The course includes Farming God's Way teaching & practical sessions, discovery bible study & church planting methods, storying techniques & field visits.