Growing Nations
Transformation through Sustainable Agriculture
Transformation through sustainable agriculture

Heather Mann

Heather is the CEO of Growing Nations & is a trustee of KEL Growing Nations Trust.

Heather is a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant and has spent many years working in practice in the UK.

Her role with Growing Nations includes overseeing the project finances & management and the longer term strategy of the Project.  She is also responsible for looking at new sources of funding for Growing Nations and mentoring, coaching and equipping the local Basotho staff.

Heather is married to Barry who is responsible for the communications, marketing and creative development of Growing Nations.  They are both currently working as a volunteers with Growing Nations in Lesotho, serving with Africa Inland Mission.


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Personal Support

If you would like to support the work of Barry & Heather Mann with Growing Nations in Lesotho you can do so via Africa Inland Mission (AIM).

To find out how to do this, please go to the AIM Europe giving page.